Item Variants Prices

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Please help me, I created item(template and price for it) and I’d like to create its variants with prices but when I created variant price doesn’t appear… Maybe I doing something wrong?

Thanks for answers.

Once you create the new variant Item, you can use that variant Item to attach price list to it. You cannot use Item Template in transactions

Thanks for your answer!
Sorry, please check:
I have Item(template)


I need variants

 Necklace Blue
 Necklace Yellow
 Necklace Green

and all variants have the same price 100$.

So I can not to add price for item template and use this price when I’ll create new variants.
Only after creating variants I’ll able to create price for each variants.


Item Price created for Template Item will be applicable for all the Variants items, even on variants created after creation of Item Price for the Template Item.

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Thanks for your answer!)

Ok, yes I check it works in creating “Sales Invoice” and “Sales Order” (normal way) but when I try to use “POS” my item variants don’t show prices even item template has item price, could you check please.

I am facing same issue. In pos price from item variant is not displayed and shows zero. Though I can see price in Standard Selling Rate in Item Variant. Normal products without variant shows price correctly.

Any clue how to fix this?

Hello. Did you find solution?