Item Variants Setting question

I understand the purpose of variants and how to use in the item creation.

  1. First, I don’t understand is the Variant Setting doctype.
    Why is it populated with (seems unrelated) field names and how do I use it (the title says Copy Field To Variant but nothing happen after Save)?

2. When creating New Item, tick the Create Variant, and choose the item template, there is no options for Item Attributes (it had been set up). Something I missed or is this a bug?




Note: I use version 10.1.4
Thank you in advance for any explanation.

I think variant settings is used when you have already created variants and then make a change to the template for certain fields, then based on this setting, values of these fields will be propagated to all variants created from that template.

As the settings say:


It will copy the mentioned fields at the time of Variant creation and leave the rest. You may add or remove fields as per your requirements.