Item Webpage Title for SEO purpose

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how to set Item Webpage Title for SEO purpose, without renaming the item ?

Item Title in Item doctype :

Item displayed on website :

Pointer :

Two ways as of now. v12.1.6

  1. Either change the core template code, as shown above replace

title to desired Item doctype field_name

  1. Overwrite the item template via custom app.
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in v14 : Change Website Item Name in Website Item doctype

I tried doing it- since it does not allow to modify Doctype I Customize Form and modified the name

to Website Display Name to

but still nothing.

I think theirs some misunderstanding- I am trying to have a separate item name and separate item title. In the above example- I want to achieve.

Website Item Name- Aerosil 200 Pharma
Website Title- Buy Aerosil 200 Pharma Online

When I add a new field and name it Website title it by defaults add custom_website_title in the name field and doesn’t allow me to modify.