Item- website Image Bulk Update via FTP Upload - Image delink issue


I did bulk update for images as per steps given

Step 1: In Upload Format change website_image column name as
Column Label =Image ,Column Name= image , Data Type = Attach Image


Step 2: File path /files/s5.png

**Step 3 :**Uploaded files via ftp to /public/files/ folder

Step 4: updated via mysql below query
Update tabItem set website_image = image , thumbnail = image

Step 5: Checked on website and item doctype it is showing perfect.

Step 6: Open Item in Item doctype click on save , i get below message

Step 7: The image delinks from the respective item.

After this ,if i repeat step 4 by executing mysql update statement, it re-link the image, but whenever i edit/ save item from Item doctype it once again delink the image.with Step 6 message.

Any guidance/ workaround on this would help.


Found Solution from

Executed the below mysql statement.

Update tabFile inner join tabItem ON tabItem.item_code = tabFile.attached_to_name and tabFile.attached_to_doctype=“Item”
set file_url = image, thumbnail_url = image