Item website routes - regenerate urls

Is there a way to regenerate item website routes in bulk?

Right now the workaround is:

  1. Remove the content on route field
  2. Disable show in website
  3. Save item
  4. Enable show in website
  5. save item

But the problem comes when you have more than 20,000 items.

So I am thinking to do the first 3 steps ( above ) with mysql but for point 4 and 5 is hard because there are some function executed when you save via web which is what generates the correct current route.

Is there a way to simulate doctype save maybe through console, that way I can make a script to loop on all items and save so it adds the currect route.

BTW I am V11

Have you tried setting the route field directly in the database? For example running a Python script something like this:

$ bench console
items = frappe.get_all("Item", fields=['name'])
for i in items:
    item = frappe.get_doc("Item", i['name'])
    item.show_in_website = 1
    item.route = "{0}/{1}".format(item.item_group.lower(), item.item_code.lower())
    print("Enabled website for {0}".format(item.item_code))

Or if you prefer MySQL:

$ bench mariadb
UPDATE `tabItem` SET `show_in_webbsite` = 1, `route` = CONCAT(LOWER(`item_group`), "/", LOWER(`item_code`));

That worked! awesome now I will put a condition only to put enable show in website if the product has an image, that save ton of time! thanks man

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Great to hear, glad it worked!