Item Wise Brand

It Is Possible to Create Multiple Brand for 1 Item

Hi @Riddhi_Solanki,

By default field, for not possible but if you use a custom Table MultiSelect Field then you can multi-brand select at a time.

How will work Table MultiSelect Field for please check its documentation.

Thank You!

Ok Thank You

it’s Working but When I try To save it shows me this error and When I remove one Brand it allows me to save

For the cross-checking,

Please remove all brands and save it or not.

On my side, it’s working properly.

when i remove all Brands Error Occure

here is Configuration for both Doctype

Please Guide me If I am Going Wrong

Can you change default field?

Do not change default field brand.

Please make a new custom field

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Ok Thank You it’s Working Now,
After That, I want to display That Two Particular Brands as Options for selected Items in the Purchase Order Item Table while Creating the PO.
Is It Possible using Eval Condition ???

Please try it because I haven’t tested the scenario.

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