Item wise multiple tax Setup

Hi, we are maintaining two companies under one instance as it is ERPNext hosted. One company sale the product where second one do Service of same products. So issue is, I have to configure two different tax for same item. One is Sale Tax(Selling Company) and second is Service tax(Repair Company).

With Selling company I manage taxes by creating simple Tax template (as complete Invoice has one single Tax) , but for Repair company I am confuse, because in same invoice they do enter repair charges with Service Tax and also item sale with Sale Tax.

I cant setup Item wise taxes because of two companies (Sale and Repair), I found one way Tax Rule, but I need to do it via Item Group which is not available in default form. So I add custom field Item Group, but need script for same. So there anyone who can help me with this or have any better solution.


One is Sale Tax(Selling Company) and second is Service tax(Repair Company).

Since you have created two different Company, you should create two separate Invoices or the Sales and Service. Sales Invoice will be made from first company, and relevant tax will be applied. Same way, for the Service Invoice, sales invoice will be made in the name of Service Company and relevant taxes should be applied.

First company is fine, I am able to manage all taxes.
But for second company which is doing both Services Sell as well as Repair. Second company provide repair service and also sell spares. In that way, what would you prefer.

I hope this time I am able to clear you my requirements.
Whatever solution is available in ERPNext, but please understand to handle complex tax system of different countries you need to activate Item wise tax selection during transaction.