Item-wise Purchase History - Report bug

The report ‘Item-wise Purchase History’ is not displaying the UOM correctly. I have a stock UOM of Sq Ft, and I purchased in a different unit.

Item 1, Stock UOM = Sq Ft.
Other Unit is Nos, with conversion factor 32 (1 No = 32 Sq Ft)

We made a purchase order/receipt of the item in Nos. (e.g. 10 Nos), which is 320 Sq ft)

This report shows wrong UOM - It shows stock UOM, but with the Quantity in Purchase Receipt. It shoudl either display 10 Nos, or 320 Sq ft, but it shows 10 Sq Ft. Can it be fixed? Thanks.

Thanks for reporting. It will be fixed in the upcoming release.

Thanks @nabinhait