Item-wise Sales Register

Hi experts,
When I filter item-wise sales register on customer group, Total (in the bottom) disappears.
Is there any way to get it?



It’s client side filtering using js…if want the total to keep appear then you wil have to add server side filter column like period, customer…at the top

Thanks for your time.
We have cloud account, can we customize it ourselves?


No…you’ll have to customize python code of the report.

How can I get help in this regard?
Actually I have this requirement in my application and I have no prior experience of python and frappe framework.


since you are cloud user then it’s impossible to edit python code directly unless frappe team add it into the product itself… I’d suggest to use your own cloud server (VPS etc) so you can make customization freely… and you can ask help from service providers/freelancers in this forum to help you to code if you can’t…

Got it, Thanks.