Item-wise Tax does not Break up correctly

Hi All!

I am recently having difficulties in creating a purchase invoice for items with different taxes.
For example, lets say that I entered a dummy PI with two non-stock items, one is a service item with %21 VAT and one is, 100 cups of vending machine coffee with %6 VAT. Their itemwise taxes are indicated in their item master sheets as VAT to Claim %21 and VAT to Claim %6 respectively

But no matter what, regardless from whether I use a Tax Template with 0 rates, or I punch in the taxes individually, I cannot get both taxes in their respective items in the breakup.

This might be from the fact that I had only one account beforehand, named as VAT %21, and the I edited the name of it to VAT to Claim %21. Then I added VAT Paid %21, VAT to Claim %6 as other accounts that are Tax Accounts.

Could it be an issue related to the fact that I have edited the tax that these items were affiliated with?
I have re-saved every single item with their associated taxes, but no avail.

Mehmet Ali

ERPNext: v9.2.2 (master)
Frappe Framework: v9.2.4 (master)

I struggled with this today using, but managed to get it working finally.
To get it working, define one tax account ‘VAT to Claim %21’, with rate set to 21%. Go to item master of SRVC-Koffekosten and update the tax charges. You need to use the same tax account ‘VAT to Claim %21’, but change the tax rate to 6%. This could be quite confusing as your setting a rate of 6% to ‘VAT to Claim %21’.
After doing that, go to purchase invoice, add both the items and select the tax rate only once. It will use 21% for SRVC-10MBps(as it doesn’t overwrite the rate in item master) and 6% for SRVC-Koffekosten

So that is how it works. Thank you so much.

But then, the VAT will end up in the account VAT to Claim %21, right? Won’t I be able to differentiate different tax accounts?

Mehmet Alih

That is right. I don’t know whether ERPNext has any other way which allows item-wise-tax with separate tax accounts. I could only go this far after struggling for about an hour.

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@spoojary @mehmetalianil… Hi, nice that u got it working…but the issue should be addressed @spoojary as a member of the acccounts module draw attention to this … strange that no one ever before came across this…the tax & charges functionality has (as far as i know) never been updated since 5-6 years…
Improvements for taxes: this issue…different taxes for non itemized items and also a tax based on the quantity (not the price) like eg on petrol (an fixed amount per liter)…(has been discussed…some 2 years back) rgds robert