Item wise taxation for Invoice

I have two groups of Items, one item group has just the GST applicable and another has the PST & GST applicable. Now at the time of Invoice as per the items selected, need to calculate the respective GST and PST and add it to the invoice amount. while mapping this I have chosen two options and have following questions.

  1. I tried adding the taxation rule which didn’t helped at all. (but was unable to get the use of field priority. Would be happy if someone can help me in understanding how this priority works)
  2. I tried adding the tax at the item master levels as well. As per the manual this assignment of tax at the item level should overrule the tax rate chosen at the Invoice level, however this was also of no help.

I request experts for a rescue.

Thank you


go to accounts>setup>sales taxes and charges template

Thank you Mike for assisting. I have implemented using this methodology and my challenge is that within one single Invoice we have items from two different Item Groups. One item group GROUP-1 has only GST applicable whereas the other item group GROUP-2 has PST and GST applicable. While punching the Invoice let’s say I have two items from GROUP-1 and three items from GROUP-2.
Now as per the law the items should be taxed as per the applicability and while punching in Invoice the tax should be pre-calculated accordingly, whereas in the current system there is just one tax type is getting populated and printed.

Hello Suryanamha

You have to defined taxes on item master.

For more details kindly check below link

Thanks, Rohit

What is the best way to do this?
we have about 3 or four items that do not need state tax all the rest 100 or so need state tax. our preference would be have tax applied on all items and use item tax to apply no tax on the 2 or 4 items but from the link it seems its the otherway around please provide some clarification.