Item Wise Taxation

I went through the user documentation the documentation has something which is missing in current version may be the reason is that the ERPNext and Frappe has been updated whereas documentation is still needs to be updated.

Actually, I want to setup the taxes like this:
For Item A, Supplier X
If Item A is purchased from Supplier X
It should have 12.5% VAT
Whereas Type of Tax i.e CST or VAT should be somewhere linked to Supplier
Whereas %age of TAX i.e., 4% or 12.5 should be somewhere linked with Item
so that when I create supplier quotation or Purchase Order for that item the type of tax and %age of tax should clubbed from item and supplier and automatically populated in Supplier Quotation and Purchase Order.

If you say Tax Rule is the solution then I must say that in Tax Rule I have to hard code %age and type of Tax like
VAT 5%.

I appreciate, if anyone can help me out in this context.

Ruchin Sharma

Hi All,
Does, anybody have any idea about this?

Ruchin Sharma

Hi @ruchin78 . Tr to take a look at this Maybe there is just a missing set-up somewhere. And as for the linking to supplier, perhaps you can play around via script. Thanks!