Item wise taxes and templates


Could use a little help with item-wise taxes:

So I’m trying to use item-wise taxes since I have 3 items each with different tax rates. The tax rates for each of these 3 also varies depending on the billing state (VAT/CST) which I would select from the tax templates if they were being quoted separately. My question is, how can I take advantage of the sales tax template while still being able to use item-wise taxation without having to hard code the tax rates in the item master? Am I overlooking something?


In the sales quotation item table if we could enter the tax rate item-wise and thus overwrite the default rate/account mentioned in the item master, could that work?

This feature is not available for now. To be able to use Item-wise-taxes, you must update tax rates in the Item master. For managing statewise taxes, create separate tax-accounts based on states. Also, setup Sales Tax and Charges master based on states. But in the Item master, update all the taxes applicable.

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Hi @umair,
Is this feature on the board to be introduced? Believe the same Github issue is open reflecting this - Add support for Item based Taxes and Charges · Issue #6270 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Would it not make sense to incorporate the below hierarchy?

Global Sales / Purchase Tax template

Item Master Tax > overrides Global Sales / Purchase Tax Template

Sales / Purchase Line Item Tax > overrides Item Master Tax

Example being here, some items need to use different tax codes if they are capital expenses compared to non-capital expenses. So in a purchase order there might be 10 of the same items with 2 items being capital purchases and the other 8 being non-capital.
How can this be achieved in the current setup?