Items Combo Offer

Hi All,

Is it possible in the ERPNext to set a combo discounts for items?

I have a some selected items. I need to make a discount on purchase of any two items or three items or any number of items (Qty of each item will be 1). If customer buys say for example any 2 items from some selected items, it will be some rupees and if customer buys any 3 or any 4 and above there will be a discount of 40 % or this much rupees like that.

I could make discount based on PriceRule in ERPNext. But this is based on Qty of same item between a min and max qty.

But i need to make a discount on qty of different items.

Can anyone know, how to do this in ERPNext?
Any help is appreciated!

Please check the following link, you may find the last few lines relevant

Thank you @Pawan for the Reply…

I have Product Bundle for my “Some selected items”. But in ERPNext, bundle is an item to add to cart…

But my requirement is to add the individual items of the bundle to the cart, and only if at least two seperate items added to cart, then give a discount. (Not the multiple qty of same item).

If 3 seperate items of the bundle added tocart, then give another discount… like wise…

Is this possible in current ERPNext? Please let me Know if anyone is aware of this…

Sorry that this is not manageable using current e-commerce functionalities in ERPNext.

Thank you @umair for letting me know