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Hi, we are selling sports items and give some items to some athletes as promotion (as free). I can’t find a way to expense this as marketing expense. I guess I could use Stock Reconciliation but it lacks to put athlete name.
Any help would be appreciated.

You need to change the Expense Account either on Delivery Note or Sales Invoice (when Update Stock is selected or when you are effecting the transaction through Sales Invoice only)
Doing this you can sell at 0 but the expense of the Stock will be booked against Marketing Expense.

You will have to change the Expense account from Item Child Table or you can use some Custom Scripts to automate this.

Here are the examples

1. Through Delivery Note

Delivery Note

Define Expense Account in Delivery Note Item Child Table

Accounting Ledger Entry of the transaction

2. Through Sales Invoice

If you are affecting Stock Entry through SI

Sales Invoice

Define Expense Account in Sales Invoice Item Table

Accounting Ledger Entry

Hope this helps

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Thanks for detail explanation with pics! Thank you!

You are welcome, do mark the post as Solution if it answers your question