Items not populating into production order


As shown below, my parent BOM has 25 items required for production (disregard item 6302-000011 as it is a labor cost and not an actual item).

All child BOMs are submitted and all items are in stock, but when I create a Production Order for this product only 20 items are populated. I cannot figure out why this would happen. The missing items seem to be random; they’re from different child BOMs. Please see the screenshot below of the Production Order.

Thank you guys for your help!

hi @Alissa_Rice
Can you give more specifics on how to reproduce this issue? I created a BOM which includes a child BOM. Total Items in the exploded BOM is 27 and all items were added to the production order.

Hello @Alissa_Rice,

Are you using the Production Planning tool or did you create a PRO directly in the PRO window? And what erpnext and frappe versions are you working with? As @tundebabzy said, it would really help if you give us the steps to reproduce the issue so that we can check if it’s the same in our local setups



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Hi @littlehera & @tundebabzy,

Thank you for your help! I am running ERPNext: v8.9.1 and Frappe Framework: v8.8.3. I created a PO directly from a Sales Order.

Below is the BOM Tree for the unit I am trying to create a PO for.


Item 4701-000045-001 BOM’s require items 4701-000044-001, stock is maintained, and 6302-000011-001, stock is not maintained because this is a labor cost. However, we already have 4701-000045-001 in stock so one would think it would be added to the PO’s required items list.

Items 6005-00009-003, 4701-000040-001, and 3680-000002-001 are also not populating. 6005-00009-003 is in stock and has an inactive, draft BOM. 4701-000040-001 and 3680-000002-001 are in stock; they come from the same BOM and do not have BOMs themselves.

@littlehera @tundebabzy I found my problem. The items that were not showing up also had the ‘Supply Raw Materials for Purchase’ checked. Unchecking solved the issue.