Items or Serialize inventory which one is suitable?

Hello Team,

I am getting confuse about creating items or serialize items.
Here is the detail, i sell products to customers, ex:
100 Kg Passion Fruit
50 Kg Dragon Fruit

All related Sells Quotations, Order, Invoice, Delivery are using “Kg” as UOM
This is due to request from customer, they want everything in Kg on Sales documents.

But, when i delivery to Customer, i must use UOM as Box:
Each 2 Kg will be packed into one box for Passion Fruit.
Each 3 Kg will be packed into one box for Dragon Fruit.

And i need to track each of boxes by using serial number.

I found the “Serialize inventory” which could have serial of each unit of item, which could help to manage all items,

My questions are,
1- What would be the good way to create items or serialize items to match with these requirements? please also show me how to do.

2- When i manage to use serialize inventory, do i need to buy items from Supplier before selling them?

FYI, when i purchase from Suppliers, they are using “Kg” as UOM

Please advise me what should i do.
Thank you very much.


Could someone give me advise on this?
Thanks a lot!

The “easy” way I see to do this is create an Item for a box of fruit, and enable serial numbers, create a BOM that includes X Kg of the fruit you want, and the box, then make a Production Order to “manufacture” the box of fruit, and assign the serial numbers.

The simplified steps are:

  1. Create a new Item for “Box of Passion Fruit.” selecting " Has Serial No." “Is Sales Item”, and “Allow Production Order.” Set "Default Unit of Measure to Nos, or Ea, or whatever.
  2. Create an Item for “Passion Fruit” - receive inventory as normal, UOM by Kg
  3. Create an Item for “Box” - receive inventory as normal, etc.
  4. Create a BOM for “Box of Passion Fruit” and add “Box” and “Passion Fruit” to materials, and an Operation of “Fill Box” if you want
  5. Sell, “Box of Passion Fruit”
  6. Create Production Order, Move material to production, fill the box, move material to stock, input the serial number for the box
  7. Deliver the serial number of the box
  8. Invoice, etc etc

Of course you’ll need to have your warehouses set up correctly, and know how to receive inventory and all that, but this should get you going.

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You may be able to create an Item for “Box of Fruit” and use variants for the different types of fruit but I’m not totally sure how that works since I don’t use variants.

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First of all, thanks @agerken
In below is my reply on your ideas :slight_smile:

  • Is it requirement and should be created first for step 3) Create a BOM? cause i see the name “Box of Passion Fruit” is same for both steps.



I mentioned in my 1st comment.

Are 3 steps require purchase from Suppliers as importing the product to sell, right?

In this case, how could i made the quotation to customer with only Passion Fruit, not including Box, cause they have different weight and also required by customer? ex:
Box of Passion Fruit: 2Kg
Passion Fruit (for quotation): 1Kg

Do you mean “Sales Order” or “Product Order”?
For serial on each box, are we using a serialize inventory for each box this case?



Thanks so much again!

1 and 3) Yes, you need to create an Item for the box of fruit before you can create a BOM for it.

  1. You would create a quote based on the price of the box of fruit, which would contain X Kg of fruit. The system will calculate its value based on the purchase price of the fruit. If you don’t want the box cost to be on there, you’ll have to not put it on the BOM, or make it a $0 item.

For example if you bought 100Kg at $100, it knows that 1Kg is $1. So if you put 20Kg in a box it knows that’s $20 worth of fruit.

  1. Production Order is in the Manufacturing module. You don’t need to do this, but it makes the material transfer and labor keeping easier. You can get away with just doing a Stock Entry for “Manufacturing” if you don’t want to add in labor time, etc. this may be what you want.

If you’re really stuck, I can try to run a sales cycle through the demo so you can check it out.


Thanks @agerken

I have sent you a message with very specification about what i have done and requirement for demo.

Could you please take a look at this?