Items return or exchange

Hi guys, I have a case where I don’t know how to solve.

  • Customer purchase, Sales Order created & submitted with Item A ($10), Item B ($10), Item C ($10)
  • Sales Invoice created, customer paid.
  • Delivery Note created, items delivered.
  • Customer want to exchange Item C to Item D ($15).

I can create Sales Return from Delivery Note to return Item C. Then create new Delivery Note to deliver Item D. Then how can I modify Sales Invoice & Sales Order items to A, B, D to match with 2 Delivery Notes?

Canceling all the documents is not the case because Item A & Item B have delivered, we should not take all back then deliver them again.

Thank you!

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Hi, this is an old familiar theme. Still today I find that there is no solution for exchange of products (e.g. shoe store that changes for another size)

I did not look if it is raised as an issue yet.

Since D is not sold at first delivery, maybe you can make separate SO / SI for item D?

  1. As you mentioned until point 3.
  2. Create Sales return for C.
  3. Create Sales Order, Delivery Note, and Sales Invoice for D (perhaps with note that this is for an exchanged item).

Hi @rahy, although it makes sense what you mention, it is only one case of several combinations that have the returns and changes in retail.

This is something I never saw addressed in ERPNext, and it is not a minor issue.

We would have to list all the cases to have clear the biggest problems, but I always think for example in a shoe sales company, something as simple as replacing a shoe by another one of another size with the same price, it can’t be done.

Moreover, even should be able to perform some of these operations from the POS, but I read for example in the POS Awesome that develops a user is considering it.

If at some point I have more time, I will make a post and issue with the detail that demands this.



@youssef should we add this to the roadmap?

Ability to do returns and sales in one invoice ? This is a basic need in most retail establishments and almost all retail PoS I know of have this functionality.



That is true, and already done, so you can now make a return invoice from POS Awesome.

I couldn’t find a way to do this, because it’s not supported by Erpnext itself.

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In that one case, what is the difference of doing it in one doc vs doing it separately (as I mentioned)?

Perhaps the functionaity is there in ERPNext but the form doesn’t exist.
I’m not much in retail, but I imagine it can be as simple as in the Return form there is a checkbox marked “With Exchange” that when the Return is submitted it will open an invoice for replacement items.

#inlearningmode :slight_smile:

Yes, we need a solution for not only POS but also Sales orders. The flow of return & exchange items
should be easily to see & trace.
One more issue that when we submit a return Delivery Note, the stock qty in warehouse should not return back right away. It need time for shipping courier returning item to our warehouse.

Any answer for this yet?

We suggested on of our clients to use a normal sales invoice and return the item with negative quantity and in the same invoice add the replacement item in positive quantity.