Items table not updating in Stock Entry when transfering material for manufacture

Hello there,

I hope you guys can help me. I see that in the tutorial when you transfer the material for manufacture it automatically fills in the items table that is in the stock entry document, but the fact is that I’ve never been able to replicate that. I’ve tried it in a VM and also in my own server and nothing happens.

Here there’s a screenshot of your video and what I want to achieve:

Thank you so much in advance

Do you have a BOM created?

Yes, I do. I also have the production order and when I hit the Transfer Materials for Manufacture button that it takes me to the Stock Entry doctype it comes with the items table empty.

Well, after all I decided to code the solution and now it’s working fine in my server. The only problem is that I don’t know or didn’t find the code in the ERP that was supposed to do it and see what was wrong…

@yefritavarez did you have a Custom Script? Can you check your JS console for errors?

Yes, I do have a Custom Script and there are not errors on the JS Console.

This function returns the items erpnext/ at develop · frappe/erpnext · GitHub