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I am new to ERPnext and I am wondering how should I manage this. We want to manufacture product MyProduct and My-Product-D (-D is an option where we add some extra parts at the end of the manufacturing.
So the process is for example: we build 100 MyProducts and then before shipping some of the MyProduct will be added the -D option. We use the same serial numbering for the MyProduct and MyProduct-D.
Is there a way to create the 100 MyProduct with their serial numbers in the ERP and then “transform” some of them to MyProduct-D before selling?

I hope I have explained well enough.

It may be possible to use a variant Bill of Materials, with the Item template. This might help:

Not sure where or how a serial number fits in.

With Manufacturing, you may use MyProduct as in item in the BOM, but you must take care that MyProduct is non-exploded so that manufacturing does not go back and retrieve the raw materials for MyProduct. Instead, it will get 1 MyProduct item from which is already manufactured. (Of course the MyProduct should be available in the Source Warehouse and NOT the Target Warehouse in case you have multiple warehouses.

With regards to serial numbering, I believe that MyProduct-D will get a new serial-number, and MyProduct contained in MyProduct-D will retain its serial number.

At the Stock Transfer doctype, you may also add raw materials (Source Warehouse filled, target warehouse empty), and define the finished product(s) (Source Warehouse empty, Target Warehouse filled.) When you have multiple finished products (which have empty Source Warehouse and filled Target Warehouse), you may assigned the valuation for these finished items such that the total raw materials cost is equal to the total Finished items.

Thanks for this explaination. I will try on a new v13 isntance and try this out.

Do you think it will be possible to change an already sold MyProduct to MyProduct-D if a client want to buy this option later and we add it in the factory later on?