Items with buying and selling price in a report, how?

Trying to get a report of items with their buying and selling prices.

While a field “Standard Selling Rate” can be added, there is no such thing for the buying price.

How is this done?

Or, in broader terms, how does one get good reports of all items in order to tidy them up?

You can check " Item Prices".

If only they existed…

If you are maintaining stock, then go reports and look for item prices.

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You lost me right at the first sentence… Where do I maintain stock?

sorry, you can not define buying price at under
but you might add custom field and write script to save to standard buying price

ok forget about stock

Just go to reports and look for item prices in that list … thats the report you want.

I am not sure what you meant by tidying up ?

“Item Price Stock” gives you an overview of prices both “Standard Selling” and “Standard Buying”. I love this software.