Itemwise Recommended Reorder Level report with sum


is there any report available for delivered items with sum at the end. There is Itemwise Recommended Reorder Level report but he is without sum.



i wan’t to add sum at the end in this report

In edit report there is a option to add sum but it is greyed out.

I think it is naturally for reports like this to have sum at the end by default.

@vladucoju I can see that you are using Script Report, why not summing it up in your script?

Hi @vladucoju! I have successfully added mine. Try adding it via Edit > check “Show Total” > Save > Show Report . I’m running in ERPNext: v7.2.3.

Hope this heps!


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Add total row is grey when i try to check. I am on version 8.09.

are you in developer mode?

yes i am

no I mean developer mode. You can find it in /sites/your_site/sites_config

Here is a file configuration

“db_name”: “79bead8e6d65862a”,
“db_password”: “zqo0Bdd0hCDSy6mq”,
“dropbox_access_key”: “oh0wgvp9tol080a”,
“dropbox_secret_key”: “gy0c9kfbi42cnbp”,
“encryption_key”: “DNrOxZRgdspOrBIfrJHyN09z484nwG9kUuBVOHjzIaY=”,
“limits”: {
“space_usage”: {
“backup_size”: 7.0,
“database_size”: 30.07,
“files_size”: 4.0,
“total”: 41.07

add “developer_mode”: 1

Added but still nothing. Should i restart machine or something?

On new report gives me this

Yes you need to restart

seems fine to me. Have you tried bench update? Also try switching to master

Thank you for help @johnskywalker. I will restart later. Hope it will be ok.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Still no changes after restart. Don’t have permission as admin.

did you bench update? and switch to master?

Finally. i did reset git, clear cache, bench update, restart, and now it works :slight_smile:.

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