Its frappe framework and ERPNExt a viable base to build a commercial SaaS solution

Hi, I just found about ERPNext and frappe Framework and I am very impressed. I would like to use this products to build a custom solution that I can offer to my customers as a SaaS.

a) Is this viable under the frappe & ERPNext GPL license?
b) It is worth it to invest time on learning how to create new apps with frappe ?


Victor Espina

Victor, thanks for your kind words :smile:

I don’t think anything stops you in terms of the license. Try out making a sample app and see if this is working for you

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Already done that and, as I said, I was (and still are) very impressed. Being a framework and ERP developer myself (mainly using VFP) it was outstanding seeing many concepts I applied on my own products, and many other arquitectural problems solved in such an elegant way.

My partner and I are evaluating now the core functionality of ERPNext, to measure if it covers the basic needs of a PYME customer here in Chile, and how difficult would be for us to make the required customizations for things like tax management, fiscal printers, etc.

Our goal is to use ERPNext as the management core and then add an specialised CRM module that integrates with Sales / Invoicing module.

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Hola Victor, me gustaria saber si aun sigues utilizando ERPNext para tus cliente.
De ser asi como te ha ido con la factura electronica.
Estoy interesado hacer algo para mi cliente pero la inversion es alta.
Podemos comenzar algo en conjunto



La verdad, nunca llegue a concretar ningún proyecto real con ERPNext,
lamentablemente. Al cliente potencial que tenia en ese momento le pareció
que el sistema era muy “complicado” para lo que el queria, asi que se
fueron por una solución local (no recuerdo cual exactamente, en este


Victor Espina