Japanese Translation

Hello Awesome Frappe Team

We want to do the Japanese Localization do we really need 100 Karma points on the first round.
Translation to Japanese via computer software is just not there yet.
Can you give please me 100 Karma points and our Translators and I will start translating it.

You guys are awesome!
Kind reagrds

You don’t need 100 karma to start translating - only to edit a previously verified translation.

Yes it the first round for Japanese there is no verified as yet.

You should be able to edit then!

Ok thank you rmehta I think I have now worked it out.

Rmehta with localistions how many verifys do they need before they are excepted as a Translation ?

One will do :slight_smile:

We just updated the translations, so we will do the next round, sometime next week.

Thanks for contributing!

Thank you Rmehta

We are making soild ground on the translation of Japanese.
I will post again when the job is completed thank you

Thanks @rydersaint. We just updated the translations again!