JavaScript handler when clicking into a field

Hi all,

Is there an event handler that can be triggered when clicking into a field? I know that you can select the field and have code execute once you click out of the field. I’d like to prompt the user when they click into a field.

If that doesn’t exist, is it possible to attach one to “Add new row” when adding a child doc?

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@alec_ruizramon1 ever find a solution?

@cpurbaugh, @alec_ruizramon1, has no handler by default, but you can attach a javascript event using:

cur_frm.fields_dict.my_field.$input.on("click", function(evt){


Hi, did you kow this error?

that is my code:

frappe.ui.form.on('Requirement', {`Preformatted text`
    onload: function (frm){
      frm.fields_dict.title.$input.on('click', function(evt){
        frm.set_df_property("title", "hident", 1);