JE uploads twice automatically

I am uploading JE through data import/and export tool. Data is uploaded twice automatically and creates 2 JE documents…Any idea why this is happening

Which version are you using?

Do you mean duplicate file is attached automatically?

Can you please share your uploaded file?

yes…I have on je Entry in the file, after uploads, its again uploads automatically and 2 JE documents created
I have excel file but which is not able to attach here…

Which version / branch are you using? In develop branch it is a known problem and we will fix this soon.

Can you make gif file for the behaviour and create a github issue with the gif file?

i dont know how to make gif file…Also, from my experience, Issues posted in github doesnot get attended or solved… I have posted some valid issues or improvements (since more than year) but none of them get attended… I even stopped following it up and posted ant thing there…

There are 6095 closed github issues which has been solved, so the argument is not valid. Yes, sometimes it takes time to fix the issues.

I think the following issue is same as you are facing, which is already part of Version 10 milestone. So, you can expect, it should be fixed by 20th December.