Jinja and Homepage sections

Is it possible to use Jinja for homepage sections?

I am using update_website_context and want to show some custom content in homepage sections. I really like the homepage sections. However, it seems Jinja is not parsed inside the hompage section HTML code.

Am I right, that homepage sections do not support Jinja?
If so, how to add Jinja support for homepage sections?

If someone has insight, please advice.
Thank you

You can use jinja to create home page like below

frappe/base.html at develop · frappe/frappe · GitHub

For more details refer below repo

Thank you for this response. This package looks very interesting.

However, I get an error when installing:

File "......../apps/pagemaster/setup.py", line 27, in <listcomp>
        install_requires=[str(ir.req) for ir in requirements],
    AttributeError: 'ParsedRequirement' object has no attribute 'req'

No need for external apps. Version 13 introduces a Web Page Builder. You can create a Web Template or choose an existing one. A Web Template is a Jinja template for a section of a Web Page. You can compose a Web Page by selecting multiple Web Templates and setting the variables.

Check out the frappe / erpnext websites for an example. Here’s the template for the first section (“Hero with Image”):

Our new website was also built with the Web Page Builder.

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Great, that looks promising.
But v13 is not release yet, right.
Is there a time schedule when to expect the official release?

I think in the mean time I’ll create a custom web page and later switch back to native homepage.

You could also host a separate frappe v13 instance just for your homepage.

hmm, actually I want to show featured products from the inventory on the website, that’s why I am looking for jinja. For this particular customer need to have an integrated solution.

But that’s no problem. For now I go with a custom homepage.