Jinja template error unexpected char '&' at 44

Can someone please tell me if this is correct syntax or if this is really a bug.
I was having problems saving my contract template, it kept giving me the error

Line 1: unexpected char ‘&’ at 44

I narrowed it down to this line and created a script with just this and it will not save.

{% if 1 < 5 %}
hello world
{% endif %}

As far as I can tell, the Jinja syntax seems to be correct, it’s pretty basic greater than less than logic. What am I doing wrong? (Note that I’ve tried hello world part with and without double braces.)


I am not sure what code you have below or above the given code as your error says unexpected char ‘&’

You need to put hello world under double quotes " " as its a string !

Currently, I don’t have any code above or below it. I shortened the script to the problematic portion so that I can debug it on its own. Thanks for the suggestion, when I tried with quotes though and it still does the same thing. I think it is almost entirely related to the conditional statement rather than the hello world code inside, because it does allow me to save if I use == instead of >, but unfortunately == isn’t the logic I need.