Jinja template is not working in Auto email reports's message

Hi All,

In the above attached screen shot, In message section i have to display like:
DSBR For Stores - HSR For 26-07-2018

Date will be CurrentDate.
Any suggestions?

Please refer this link . https://erpnext.org/docs/user/manual/en/setting-up/email/email-alerts
Hope this will help

{{ frappe.utils.formatdate(frappe.utils.today(), 'dd-MM-YYYY') }}

I got it solution.
Thanks for your Support.

I’m facing one more issue , jinja template code not reflecting properly.
I’m getting message like below:

DSBR for Email - PDI
{% set date = frappe.utils.now().split(’ ')[0] %}
DSBR For PDI - HSR For {{ date }}.

Any changes required? Thanks in advance.

The jinja template is displayed as is in the mail. Any suggestions on this?

Anybody has implemented auto email report with jinja template in the message?

Found any way for doing so ?