Jinja template to fetch only tax values but not key and values in sales invoice item

Hi folks,
Thank you all for your quick and valuable reponses in the past on this forum.

I am trying to print the item tax rate for individual items in sales invoice.
i am able to fetch the tax but the format is different as shared in screenshot.


I am sharing corresponding code by which i am fetching the item wise tax.
Doctype working on: Sales Invoice Item
erpnext version : 11
area of work: Custom print format

{% for item in doc.items %}
{% endfor %}

Any changes/modifications in code to fetch only values of gst but not both the key and value pairs, please share.

Thanks in advance!!!

Any updates please???

I am also looking for solution to this problem, also in addition to tax rate i would like to call item level total tax amount charged.

Please somebody help us with this ?