Jitsi with ERPNext

IF this topic has not been discussed earlier, Integrating JITSI/WebRTC video conferencing platform as part of Erpnext would be great, as it comes with Chat room and Audio/Video capabilities.

Usecases can be

  1. Users can pick a user for chatting like earlier Chat room, where the based on the Role permission Video is enabled or disabled.
  2. Appointment Type can be included with capability to add a Meet ID like Google Meetup and which in healthcare can be excellent for Teleconsultation.



It supports jwt, lib-jitsi-meet/tokens.md at master · jitsi/lib-jitsi-meet · GitHub

Have you tried this in a custom app?

Yes Integrating a webRTC tool would be quite useful from different Enterprise, hospitality and Education Use case.

What will be the number of hospitals in which ERPNext is being used?
How many schools use ERPNext for curriculum delivery?