Job Application Customization

Hello All,

I want to Customize my Job Application Page, this is a page where applicant Uploads and fill in their information before it gets accepted or recieved or anyone.
I want to add a criteria so that it can streamline my shortlisting instead of having to go through all the applicants. Below is the Page i want to Customize.

Any help Please

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What criteria do you want to add?

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By criteria, do you mean to say you need to add some fields ?

That could be done by first adding Custom Fields to the Job Applicant DocType and then you can perhaps edit the Job Application Webform or make a new one, whichever suits your need, and add those custom fields to be displayed on the form too.

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I want to add a Field and Write a script about it. Like lets say i want Applicant to Select their location (Which i have preferred or predefined location) if you dont fall into that location the Status should be a particular Status.
For Example.
If Location == Lagos:
{ Status = ‘Received’ } else: you are not eligible.

Something like this

How can i Edit Job Application Webform cos i have added Custom Fields to Job Application Doctype already

Here’s the manual about webforms - to help you with it.

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Thank You @Zlash65

I just went through the Document now and i saw what i was looking for but i cant Add a new Row to the Existing row that i have. And its not stated in the Tutorial.

How do i go about that ? @Zlash65

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@kolotayo, Hello Sir, how did go about it? I am also trying to implement the same thing.