Job Application web form not translating

this is my webform for Job Application

you can see, all the words are not translated properly
how to do this, anyone ?

@rmeyer , do you know what is the issue here?

Enable Traslatable for all fields

@Praveenkumar , i have done that but it is not happening i don’t know why

please check it.

is this thing not supported now, i am using erpnext & frappe version 13

@NCP , i have a field which is html

i am pasting the same html code in Translation, but after saving the tags are gone

how to resolve for html?

You cannot use HTML tag in translation. If there are two html tags you have to set them in different translations without the html tag.

Not working, i have done what you said

what am i doing wrong?


dates are also not getting translated, using the “Translation” doctype

now, how do i do this?
anyone help?

@Rajat96318 there’s a bug on the content translation!

The source text and translated text fields, should allow html but they aren’t allowing right now!

Pls, open a github issue!