Job Card creation after Material Transferred for Manufacturing

Hi all,

In Work Order, the button Make Job Card is only available before Material Transferred for Manufacturing. Is this possible to change this to let started Work Order having Make Job Card button?

@Rene_Mailloux can you explain the use case?

Hi Max,

My client don’t like the automatic Job Card creation on Work Order submit. They prefer to create Job Card as they complete operation. So I disable the Job Cards Creation on Work Order submit. They create job card in the office based on production sheet completed on the plant. They only have computer in the office.

In V10, Make Timesheet button was anable after Production Order was submited. In V11, it’s not the case. I wonder why?

@Rene_Mailloux you have to distinct flows for Work Orders, one with Job Cards and another without Job Cards.

If you customer wants the Job Card, him will need to accept the flow.
The Job Cards, relate to the Material Transfer, depending on the flow, so there’s not way to relate the material after, with the Job Card, and in that situation it will crash some reports that trust on this and can create some edge issues.

They don’t use Transfer Material Against on Job Card. They are based on Work Order. In that flow, is there a situation that will cause crash or issue if we let user make Job Card after the Work Order is submited?

@Rene_Mailloux so you dont need the job card at all!

The Job Card only make sense when you transfer the material against the Job Card, if you are transfering the material against the work order. No issue.

@max_morais_dmm I didn’t try transfer the material against the Job Card. I have too many customizations and report on manufacturing and stock module.

I will try to use material against the Job Card later today to validate the workflow. It seems to be a good update.

Thanks for the talk. I appreciate.