Job card dependencies in manufacturing cycle

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manufacturing cycle -
Material request → Work order → Job card 1 ; Job card 2 ; Job card 3

I there a way to dictate dependencies between the Job cards ?

example -
Job card 1 : cutting pipe
Job card 2: constructing frame
Job card 3 : Painting

I have clicked on the GANT CHART view in a hope to somehow dictate dependencies there
but I do not see anything there.
I also do not see anything when creating the work-order/job-cards.

Would really appreciate it if someone can points me in the right direction.
many thanks

Define sequence of Operations in BOM
Ref: Routing

thank you @Manan_Shah for the quick response.

I do however not see that column on my system - V12.29

I switched the doc-link that you sent to V12 and it indicates that V12 should have it as well.

I went to BOM and clicked on “customize form” and had a look at the form-structure
and I do not see the sequence ID ?

I also had a look under mnufacture-settings to see if I need to enable something perhaps?

Check the Release Notes to find out when this feature was released

Thank you @Manan_Shah

Oh dear, it seems that function was only introduced in V13 !!

I would really like to have this functionality so I am now seriously considering to upgrade to V13 !

Thank you for your time