'Job Card' Feature/Doctype - ([Enhance] Job Card #15244 - GitHub)


I’m evaluating ERPNext for my next implementation. I’ve installed a local copy of ERPNext. I was playing around with the Manufacturing module. Browsing through GitHub and the community pages, I stumbled upon this enhancement sprint on GitHub- [Enhance] Job Card by rohitwaghchaure · Pull Request #15244 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub ([Enhance] Job Card #15244). The conversation on GitHub has been closed so I thought I’ll ask my questions here.

So I would like to know:

  1. Is there a documentation around this new feature ‘Job Card’? Any Snapshots?
  2. What problem will this feature solve?
  3. Which version of ERPNext will have this feature?
  4. Is it possible to calculate a contractual labor’s wage based on per piece of the item completed by an operator (tied to an operation) through Job Card? Is there an existing functionality in ERPNext through which we can calculate payment for a contractual labor who works on a specific operation of a Production Order / Work Order and is paid by the number of pieces operated?

Let me know in case this is not the right place for the above questions.

@rohit_w - your comments would be highly appreciated.