Job card Time Logs ignores 1 of 2 holidays & wrong gantt

Hello. I am using version v13.36.2 :wave:
I want to thank the creators for such a cool project. :star_struck:

I’m trying to explore out production planning in ERPNext.

And I came across the fact that the key functions in my opinion do not work correctly, or I don’t understand something.

When creating a job card from BOM and forming its Timing Detail, the sunday from the list of holidays for this workstation is ignored and a job is assigned to him.

I previously created a list of holidays and added Saturday and Sunday to it. I also set the operating time of the workstation from 8:00-22:00 and included a list of holidays on the workstation.

I also noticed that the gantt chart does not correctly display job card. They are all the same duration, even if the operations are of different duration and do not correspond to reality.

Without these features, I find the entire production section almost useless to me. :kissing:

Maybe someone has some ideas on this?
Thank you.