Job cards sequence with a work order for a multi-level BOM

I’m facing a problem to find the right way to do this.
Suppose we have (R1, R2, R3, R4) as 4 row material, and (S1, S2) are sub assemblies which composed by following:

1xR1 + 1xR2 => 1xS1 (BOM 1)
1xR3 + 1xR4 => 1xS2 (BOM 2)

And we also have P1 as a product which is composed by:

1xS1 + 1xS2 => 1xP1 (BOM 3)

Now I want to create a work order of P1 which use BOM3 against job cards in a sequential way so I will not be able to start BOM 3 job cards before BOM 1 and BOM 2 cob cards already finished.
I also would like the stock entry is auto generated when I start the job card.
Are these techniques possible all together? if so how can I do it?
Thanks in advanced guys.