Job Openings and various functions in Web Page

Hello all,

I’m playing with HR’s Job Openings, and displaying them in Website.

Lengthy job description will fill the whole web page by default, so it is difficult to browse / get an overview of all the Job Openings.

Collapsing the job description is much needed.

However, in job_opening_row.html, the class=“my-5” is shared among all the Job Openings. Can someone recommend a better way (without modifying any code) to make this work?

Also, there doesn’t seem to be an documentation on this. The section Content under Website seems to have no effect no matter it is Rich Text, Markdown, HTML, or Page Builder.

Can you please let me know how to use all the various functions? Seems that no matter what I typed in in all the sections, they won’t show up in Source in Web page.