Job Openings summarized on the jobs page

Hello everyone,

I would like my job openings to look like this:

I would like to have only a summary of the job openings. The full job opening will then open after you click on it. has exactly what I am lookig for

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I was able to achieve this by editing the “job_opening_row.html” file.
I created a “summary” field on the doctype and replaced {{job_description}} with {{summary}}.

You will also have to declare the summary field on the python file

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That layout looks sleek! For a summary-style job openings page, as you described, you might want to consider using a content management system or website builder that allows you to create a grid or card-style layout for your job listings. seems to have nailed it, so you could explore their design for inspiration. Keep it user-friendly and organized.
And hey, if you ever want to see how other job listings are presented, you could check out the Latest Government Jobs listings webpage. It offers a variety of job formats to get ideas from.