Job Processing Work - Laundry business

Dear all,

Currently, I deal the ERPNext with Laundry business. However, it quite hard to figure out how to implement job processing business for me compare to retail business:

  1. Clothes are considered as job processing, not the material, so I cannot leverage the Manufacturing module to combine clothes, water and detergent to make new product (cleaned clothes)

  2. Clothes cannot be treat as Sales Order (stock) because I cannot make a lot of PO to buy it and sell it again

  3. Cleaning clothes cannot be treated as services because later I cannot leverage the Stock module to define where the clothes. We have 1 center for cleaning and several POS to receive / pick up point for clothes, so we need to use Stock module to control the lead time and quantity.

Do you have any suggestion in how we leverage current platform of ERPNext to Laundry business?

Thank you.

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Based on a quick analysis of your requirements, here are some thoughts.

You don’t really need to use the manufacturing module, simply utilise the Cost Center for each different part of your business, in doing so you can than leverage the CoGS to gauge your expenses. You need to view your consumables differently instead of combining them as one would do in a manufacturing process.

This is where the POS module would be used since you are not maintaining any stock and you would setup ERPNext as a Service domain, since you are providing a service not a product. You would still enter the unit price for each service you provide by the kind of clothing you are handling for example T-Shirt @ $XX, Trousers @ $XX and of course when you setup your service make sure you don’t enable the maintain stock part.

Actually, it does have to be treated as a service, with the exception that you don’t use the stock module, since what you need to define where the clothe are from one center to the next is the Workflow system in ERPNext. The workflow will allow you to track where each customers item. To control the lead time and quantity that is done when you accept the the items from the customer and becomes part of the Workflow Chain.

Basically, you can’t approach this as a Manufactuirng process since it isn’t. Not sure how you offer your Laundry services, whether on a per kilo basis or on a per piece/item basis. It would be easier to do so on a per piece/item basis since this would allow you to track what, where and when each customers order.

Anyway, these are some thoughts on how to approach your Laundry Business. Based on what I have trialed on my end, its defintely achievable.



@Tai_Tran1 How did you finally implement this ?

Check subcontracting of ERPNext


I have checked the manual for sub-contracting, it is not very clear how that helps with the dry-cleaning workflow.
Are suggesting that your internal units will be setup as “Supplier” to raise the PO and PR against the units

Anyone operating laundry business with POS in ERPNext 13?
I am trying to figure out how to setup one.
When setting up POS Profile, warehouse is a mandatory field, so I guess it cannot be used for item not maintained in stock (such as service items in a laundry business). (version 13 only?)


That’s strange. We have client who sells entrance tickets ( non stock items) on pos. It’s on V12. You can try that version.

Yes, I have try on v12 and its ok.

I think maintenance module is best fit for laundry business, since the same is connected with inventory to withdraw spare parts in your case will be detergent, durty clothes are machines to fix, result is clean clothes simlar to fixed machaine.
You will bill a cleaning service at the end.