Join our virtual documentation sprint - Help us improve the documentation and show use cases to the world!

On top of the public documentation we’re planning to offer use case based and real life examples including documentation elements for setting up, configuring and using ERPNext.

We plan a hands on session and would love your participation in it. There are 10 possible slots for you to choose from. We plan to do three sessions to improve the current wiki based documentation platform at Please check all slots that work for you.

Cast your vote now and participate in this first documentation sprint.


6 people used doodle so far. Will close it tomorrow and define three dates. Please join, if you’re interested. The community will love you for a better documentation and guidance for newbies.

Thanks a lot to all doodlers. We have 3 dates now on Dec 18th, Jan 14th and Jan 28th. Please get all the details at and register for the wiki platform and add yourself to the events.

Everyone is welcome to join the documentation sprints. All you need is a computer, a web connection and the energy to contribute to the wiki platform.

The first event takes place tomorrow at 1 pm UTC.

If you want to participate in our documentation sprint today, this is your link:

This is the recording of the first documentation sprint:

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