Journal Account Table Bulk Update

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I have had a bunch of Journal Entry transactions that I have posted and I would like to perform an update on the party and party_type columns of the Journal Account Table

I tried using the Bulk Update but it doesn’t allow for the update to proceed because it can’t find a specific value (although it is there !)

I would like to change the party_type from Employee to Supplier and the party from HR-EMP-00001 to Income Tax Authority

If there is any way to access the database I would like to run this update statement (These are just 21 records that need to be updated) or to do it via Bulk Update ?

I am using ERPNext 13 hosted on

`tabjournal entry account` ja  
SET = 'Income Tax Authority' , ja.party_type = 'Supplier'
WHERE ja.party_type = 'Employee' AND = 'HR-EMP-00001' AND ja.account = '21302 - Employee Income Tax Payable - noga';


You can run SQL from the system console. In the Awesome Bar search System Console:


In console type your update query and don’t forget to tick on commit check box and execute.


Good Day,

Thanks for your kind reply, but it is not working at all.

I searched the documentation and it is clear that the Console doesn’t accept native SQL, it has to be invoked using python code.

Changed the Code into Python Code to invoke the frappe.db.sql function

This is the Code

Here is the Output

first, check the data, if you are version 13 then it will not show the

data = frappe.db.get_list('Task', {'party_type': 'Employee',
         'party': 'HR-EMP-00001', 'account': '21302 - Employee Income Tax Payable - noga'},
        ['party', 'party_type'])

then check on [commit] and run the below command
(if you are on version 13 then it will not show the output. to check run the above command again)

try = frappe.db.set_value('Task', {'party_type': 'Employee',
         'party': 'HR-EMP-00001', 'account': '21302 - Employee Income Tax Payable - noga'},
        {'party': 'Income Tax Authority', 'party_type': 'Supplier'})