Journal entries with 'Project name' are not visible in the GL report when filtered by 'Project'

Same tour package is available in every month that a customer can choose to purchase. We wanted to tag all costs/revenues according to the tour package (product) and the concerned trip of a month. For this, each trip was created as a project.


  1. We created a product as ‘Standard Tour’ which is available in each month. To identify this tour of April, we made a project named JS-UM.
  2. Whenever this product is sold, the project is also selected in sales order, invoice and payment entries for total tracking. To include the relevant journal entries, the project field was added through customizing journal entry form.

The above custom field is same as seen in the Sales invoice DocType:

  1. When the Project filter is selected in GL report, the relevant journal entries are not shown:

However, when the customer filter is selected without project filter, then the journal entries are shown:


  1. Is there anything wrong/missing here? How can the relevant JEs are shown with the project filter? We see in Project DocType that Journal Entry is not in the connections section. Is there any relation with it for not showing in the report?

Thank you all for your time and gracious support. Regards!