Journal Entry Account Amounts(debit/credit) are not being Recognized

I have new Journal Entry data that I want to upload. The Journal Entry Account table has the following columns - ‘account’, ‘debit’, ‘credit’.The file uploads successfully and picks up the ‘account’ column data, however, the debit or credit are not being recognized and never uploads. I have attached a screen-shot of the file am trying to upload plus the uploaded data.

Please assist.


Download the latest Journal_Entry.csv template from Data Import Tool,
There are changes in Column Names
There are debit_in_account_currency and credit_in_account_currency columns.


@revant_one: Thanks a lot, the import now succeeds.

I seem to have hit another hurdle. I have a huge number of accounts to upload (~247000) all under 99 parents accounts. I started by uploading the parent accounts and that completed relatively quickly. However, the upload of the children accounts is taking a long time. To speed up the imports I split the accounts to 247 files such that am uploading 1000 records per file. I was only able to upload 7 files in 3 hours which is not practical. How can I speed up this process?


Import the latest updates, we have added few performance boosters to Journal Entry