Journal Entry account is a group cost center and group cost centers cannot be used in transactions

When we submit salary slip then it is giving error

I am Also Getting same kind of error.

Hi @falahtech and @bandarivijay,

As per my understanding, a Journal Entry account represents a specific account in the chart of accounts used to record financial transactions. On the other hand, a group cost center is a way to categorize and organize cost centers within an organization. Group cost centers cannot be used in transactions because they don’t represent actual monetary values. They are used for reporting and analysis purposes to provide a consolidated view of multiple cost centers. To record financial transactions, you need to use individual accounts that have specific monetary values associated with them, rather than group cost centers.

So It does not work.

Thank You!

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Please check whether the Company Cost Center is group or non group.
If the group cost center is selected in Company master then select non-group and check it.

Please check on Journal Entry: ACC-JV-2023-00006

And check the cost center in the Accounting Entries table.


The error was due to Wrong assignment of Cost Center of Employee Salary. I have changed the cost center of employee and issue got resolved thanks.