Journal entry for Receivable/Payable account without selecting party

I want to enter journal entry for an account ABC. This is a receivable account. We receive payment for multiple orders at once in this account. So we can’t select a single party to enter this against. But the party and party type fields are mandatory for receivable/payable accounts.

Need a way to make journal entry without entering any Party type or Party for Receivable/payable accounts. Is there any way?


It’s a typical way to apply it like please go to the ABC account and remove the account type.
After then check in Journal Entry. After the submit Journal Entry, again set the account type in the account.
I am not suggesting this type of entry. but If convenient for the process then go ahead with it.

First, check in the demo server, and then apply on another/live server.

Thank You!

If you do an entry without Party/Party Type, your ageing reports would be impacted and it could come up in your Financial Audits.

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