Journal Entry - Multi Currency by default

The huge majority of Journal Entries for us are multi-currency.

So I am wondering how I can have the Multi Currency checkbox in the Journal Entry to be checked by default (instead of empty).

I looked at it in Customize Form but could not see anything obvious to achieve this in the Multi Currency Field.

The Multi Currency Checkbox default value is specified and can be changed here no?

edit: screenshot local ip instance!

Caveats that probably apply include these:

frappe@ubuntu1804lts:~/frappe-bench$ bench set-config developer_mode 1

frappe@ubuntu1804lts:~/frappe-bench$ bench version
erpnext 12.x.x-develop
frappe 12.x.x-develop

oh yes. Bolean Values. thx will check that out

sorry I don’t get what you mean here at all. I mean what does this have to do with my request apart from a Bolean Value being 1 in both usecases?

You alarmed me sufficiently to test this in my local instance before fideling with the production server though. thx for the pointer

Ah yes that change should not require developer_mode access, but required Administrator for write access privileges…

the solution works. Now I am wondering whether for transactions which are in the default currency there would be any problem if the multi-currency box is checked?

On first sight. I don’t see any problem with that. A test default currencly transaction with the multi-currency bis checked can be Submitted without any hickups and shows up in the General Ledger as it is supposed to be. Or may there be happening anything bad which I may just not see yet?