Journal Entry Multi Currency Difference

i was trying the current demo at

I think something is not right when calculating the difference
There is a Difference value of -0.01 in the entry below. they should be the same because they have the same value and same exchange rate.

54.03 * 1.13 = 61.05
54.03 * 1.13 = 61.05
= 122.10

while the credit account
54.03 + 54.03 = 108.06

108.6* 1.13 = 122.11

@claily it’s caused due a rounding issue, (54.03 x 2) * 1.13 = 122,1078 and ERPNext is rounding to 122,11 in one side and 122,10 in other, rouding issues are recurrent in this list, to solve it and don’t get stuck you can include the rounding account in the transaction and report and loss/gain in rounding, and report the issue in the github.

Works fine in my test account.

Rounding error might be due to value difference in the decimal places. It might occur if you are working with two decimal places, and each value has decimal places.

To adjust the marginal difference amount, please click on “Make Difference Entry” button. This amount is generally booked in the Round Off Account. You can define default Round Off Account in the Company master.

For more precise calculation, please consider switching to 3 decimal places.

Thanks for the Reply.

the answers above works.

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