Journal Entry with multiple Reference Numbers/Dates and Clearance Dates


I have a suggestion which I want to discuss. Imagine the situation where a customer pays your company in multiple banks or multiple transactions in one day for any reason. This would require the user of the ERP to create multiple Journal Entries even though it would be easier and would make printing of the JV better if it could have been entered in just one Journal Entry like:

                                      Dr $      Cr $
Bank A (Ref #A)                        xxx
Bank B (Ref #B)                        xxx
         Debtors (Linked to Invoice)              xxx

So I suggest that for Journal Entry we should move Reference Number field in the Journal Entry Account doc.

What do you people think?

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Useful feature to have in ERPNext

If you wish to have a work around, you can use remarks field in Journal Entry Account table.

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Haha thank you Pawan, I added that feature myself :smile:

But I’m wondering if the remarks field in enough for multiple reference numbers. Because reference number is used for Bank Reconciliation and maybe some other tool too

I’ve decided to make multiple changes:

  • Allow multiple Reference Numbers and Reference Dates in Journal Entry.
  • Move clearance date from Journal Entry DocType to Journal Entry Account DocType and hence allow multiple clearance dates in Journal Entry.
  • Include Reference Number, Reference Date and (maybe even)Clearance Date fields in GL Entry DocType so that this information becomes available in General Ledger report too.
  • Remove redundant remark from GL Entrys made from Journal Entry since I’m going to add extra information in the GL Entry columns (while keeping the old remarks text as it was before in JournalEntry.remark field).

@nabinhait and @rmehta I would really appreciate if you comment on these changes that I’m working on. I hope it is ok for me to tag you people for such a query.

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